The Best Diabetic Shoes for Summer

When your feet are injured or changing, often regular shoes don’t feel comfortable anymore. For people afflicted with diabetes, footwear isn’t just about comfort and style, it’s about health.

Foot problems caused by diabetes are a result of high blood pressure contributing to poor blood circulation that damage the nerves in the feet, resulting in loss of feeling called neuropathy. For a person living with diabetes, they may not notice when they have a small cut or develop calluses or fungal infections. If left untreated or uncared for, that small cut can result in painful ulcers and various complications. 

If you have been recently diagnosed with Diabetic Food Syndrome (DFS) or simply need some information and suggestions on suitable shoes to purchase for diabetic feet, read below to view Arcopedico’s best diabetic shoes for summer.



Pair of Arcopedico L4 B White Soles in a rainbow print

Arcopedico's ultimate diabetic shoe, the L14, a stunning ballet flat that gives new meaning to comfort and style.

Made from Arcopedico’s signature Lytech, a vegan material with the soft feeling of leather, L14 is super flexible, allowing a full range of motion for your foot by hugging it like a sock. To further enhance L14’s adjustable capability, a fashionable toggle is included to tighten or loosen throughout the day. This shoe is great during the summer months when people find their feet swell from the heat and mild physical activity, like walking. 

Support is a top priority when searching for the perfect diabetic shoe. Luckily, L14 features twin arch support, providing support from your feet to your spine and helping to distribute your body weight evenly, preventing further breakdown of tissue within the foot. 

Featuring a PolyUtherane (PU) sole injected with tiny air bubbles, L14 creates a highly shock absorbing platform to walk in, protecting your ankles, joints and vertebrae from impact. L14's sole is extremely durable, lasting approximately two years with frequent wear.

Available in a huge range of colours and styles, L14’s look fabulous when paired with a loose jean and plain tee for a look of sophisticated comfort.



Pair of white/black geometric Leina's against a white background

Introducing Leina, your new favourite Mary-Jane that will soon earn her place at the front of your wardrobe.

Featuring a stretchable elastic strap across the vamp, Leina is capable of widening with your foot if you experience swelling, a common symptom associated with DFS.

With an upper crafted from Lytech, Leina is able to move with the natural motions of your foot throughout the day, regardless if you are walking along the beach or spending an afternoon with friends. Owning unrestrictive shoes while you walk helps to reduce abrasions and blistering from rubbing, and therefore reduce the chance of developing untreated wounds.

If you are sceptical about the moisture associated with wearing a closed-in shoe during summer, don’t fret! Leina is crafted with an anatomical breathable insole that helps to wick perspiration away from the foot, encouraging a cool, dry foot environment during the warmer months.

The best part about Leina is that you don’t need to worry about wearing socks! Although you might be tempted to wear socks with closed in shoes, materials like cotton, don't wick away moisture and you may be at risk for a fungal infection. With Leina, those risks are reduced!  

Designed with twin arch support, Leina specifically supports the arches of your foot reducing the further breakdown of tissue, correcting misalignment and posture, and reducing foot fatigue and back pain. Who could ask for more?

Available in range of fashionable prints and colours, the versatile Leina looks great when styled with pants, to shorts to dresses.



Pair of taupe L58's against a neutral background

Comfortable, durable and stylish, L58 is the slip-on your wardrobe didn’t know it needed.

Featuring a perforated Lytech upper, L58 is not only trendy but super breathable, allowing airflow around your foot aiding in keeping it cool and dry during warmer weather.

Made with an ergonomic sole compromised of ultra-light PU, Leina is super lightweight, moving freely with the motions of your foot helping to prevent those tired ‘end-of-day’ feet. Injected with tiny air bubbles, the PU sole is highly shock absorbing and durable, protecting your joints and vertebrae from impact, as well as lasting for up to two years with frequent wear.

With a peek-a-boo hook and loop closure, L58 accommodates those wearers with a wider set foot, and can be adjusted throughout the day when you feel you need a bit of extra give and comfort. Forget about having to buy a new shoe every time you experience changes in your foot size, L58's will grow with you! 

Available in taupe, blue, black and red, L58 is styled best with ankle grazer jeans or a knee length dress for an effortless look of comfort.

New Sec Classic


Pair of taupe New Sec Classic's against a neutral background

Half sneaker, half slip-on, New Sec Classic is the perfect blend of sneaker comfort and fashionable style. 

With a different stylish twist from the shoes above, New Sec Classic is designed with a fully knitted upper. Soft against the skin and highly breathable, this shoe promotes healthy blood circulation within the foot. Encouraging healthy blood circulation is important for diabetes cases, as it increases feeling within the foot, reducing the chances missing a small cut or abrasion.

Designed with a wide toe box, your toes are able to move around freely and unrestricted, reducing abrasions caused by rubbing and pinching from pointed shoes. With an elasticated opening, New Sec Classic is easy to slip on and off when you’re on the go and hugs your foot like a sock.

Featuring twin arch support and an anatomical breathable insole, New Sec Classic reduces tired arches, and helps to wick away moisture from the foot throughout the day. This is great during warmer weather as New Sec Classic’s maintain a healthy foot environment by keeping your feet cool and dry.

Available in a refined beige, navy and black, New Sec Classic’s convey a look of casual style when paired with a relaxed pant during the day, or a black jean for a comfortable night out.

Do you shoes need a summer update? Shop these gorgeous summer diabetic styles now or find your nearest stockist to find a store closest to you. 


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